Little Edible Pieces Of Art

Rojos Bakery’s custom cookies for special celebrations or branded swag look amazing and taste divine.

Custom Cookies

Take a Look At What We Bake

  • Decorated Cookies

    Custom-made cookies with beautiful decorations

  • Branded Cookies

    We also sell branded sweets
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Flavors & Pricing

Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie Base

Decorated with fondant or royal icing. Other seasonal and custom flavors like chocolate, lemon, elderberry, etc.


Cookie prices start at $60 per dozen for basic shapes/designs 1-2 colors and vary based on design complexity.

Our Philosophy

Rojos Bakery

High-Quality Ingredients

Freshly baked and the use of the highest quality ingredients create delicious cookies.

Rojos Bakery

Beauty With Deliciousness

We honor both principles of Deliciousness and Beauty!

Rojos Bakery

Emphasis On Detailing

The custom design emphasizes details, creativity, and quality and creates beautiful cookies.

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